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Road Riding Technique

roadcraft - 10 and one

Mindset and pre-ordered responses.

We do a lot of things in our life because we have done them before. We work out what works for us and then we do it again and again.

It’s a method of solving a situation without having to stop, think, plan and react. We don’t stop on our bikes to work out a plan of action but we should use a system all the same, it’s a method that keeps us doing the right things.

There is a system called IPSGA. Which means Information Position Speed Gear Acceleration. It’s a system that is designed to get you into a practiced rhythm of working with your riding environment to think, plan and react on the move without the stopping bit.

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RoadCraft - Moving On up

Moving on up

I see it all the time, in fact just about everyone I teach does it exactly this way. They come to grips with their 250cc learner’s bike, they are able to throw it around with gay abandon and then they move up to a 600cc sports bike or something similar and it all falls apart.

Often they can’t even get it to turn properly for them it’s that bad.

The reason is that most 250’s are smaller and easily man handled around, in fact some of the skills you later need to turn a bike or change gear etc are very hard to learn on a smaller bike because they are so light and easily thrown about. It comes as a shock to the newbie and the confidence is often flattened for a while whilst they return to the learning game when they thought they would be in the riding with more power and speed game.

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