Starting life as a relatively normal GSXR 1000 K7 (2007 model) the best had the unfortunate problem of being thrown down the road on new tires and was then at the mercy of the insurance company.

But never fear it was picked up by myself and slightly remodelled.  The pictures you see here are the second "coming" of the beast because the first incarnation trip on diesel over the last winter and pitched its owner down the road, or more accurately into the air with great gusto and then down onto the road.

Resurrected, it has had a few cosmetic additions due to the original headlight et al being unable to be replace.  Instead it got new bars, new controls, new instruments and an alien mask headlight unit from a Canadian company.  Blue HID headlights completed the picture of evil that now makes up the front end.

The orginal powerplant with modified airbox, Jardin GP1 titranium exhaust, Power commander and a little flow work was still punching out full whack (originally 181 RWHP) and so little was done here other than replacing broken cases and repairing the radiator.


Its all go again now and just recently having the suspension rebuilt (front and rear ) by Gaudenz Gizler, its like a new vicous Beast ready for tearing up the tarmac!!


See you out there :-)