Keeping your Balance is the key to happiness on a Dirtbike

I’m guessing you are starting to get the idea that balance on a bike, especially a dirt bike is essential if you are going to master the skills you need too!! Yet it seems to me that I never see newer riders, or even more experienced riders practicing this particular skill. When I got into […]

To Climb a Hill

Hill climbing is the first thing that will destroy your confidence on a dirt bike. Quickly it will become easy but then will come the bigger and more challenging hills with a step-up, root, turn or slippery patch right in the middle. I think the longer I rode, Enduro in particular, the harder hills got. […]

The Wheelie… so Cool!!!!

The Wheelie is very cool but also quite an essential skill to learn. Now there are two varieties of wheelie, the long, balanced, gloriously flashy wheelie that just screams “I’ve got skills” and then there is the get the job done wheelie. Fortunately for us, the Get the job done wheelie is all we need […]

SETS, TRANSITIONS and comfort levels.

We talk alot about SETS and TRANSITIONS on this site. So what exactly is a SET or for that matter a TRANSITION? Well your bike sits on two big pogo sticks, suspension front and rear. But then that sits on tyres which have movement in them and above all this is a human body that […]

The Myths about rubber that endanger our lives.

Ok, there are so many things said about motorcycle tyres that are just not correct and may lead you into trouble, if not, at least into wasting money. Some of the biggies are: you need the sportiest tyres you can get, the softer the better for maximum traction. a tyre is good until the tread […]

The frustrations of learning!!!

In the road coaching section I have an article called “How We Learn”. I would start by saying if you have not read that, you should. It might help. Learning is always a frustrating situation. But mindset is everything. If you expect to be frustrated and annoyed, you’ll not enjoy the process. But if you […]

Crazy, Hectic and Madly Calm. It’s the only way.

The first thing to learn, is the hardest thing to learn and will take the most time. But you need to learn it and concentrate on learning it continually until you have become a master. It is the difference between always struggling and calmly leaving everyone behind. Riding on the road, I coach often, that […]