RoadCraft: The Lines

Road craft is about going beyond those basic handling skills. Here we talk about the lines through corners and especially about the turn point system

Dancing in Leathers

The worst handling bit of a bike is … you. Learning to dance in time with the music is an absolute must.

The Gear Lever

You change gear with this, how could it be simpler??? Well its not quite that simple is it.

Touch Points

Given how badly we handle compared to the bike.  Do I need to remind you of the image most of us have seen when a bike gets stable AFTER the rider falls off :-).  Strategies for controlling our movements and making sure we are as stable as possible are a good thing.

The footpegs

You are probably wondering what on earth I am going to have to say abut the foot pegs.  I mean in what way are they a control?  Now this is one of those moments when being an old bastard pays dividends. 

The Handle Bars

Just about every wobbly bit you can throw at a bike hangs off these damn things.  Without them we would be in serious trouble, but most of our serious trouble comes directly as a result of our use of them.

The Clutch

There is so much misinformation about the clutch. Poor thing, about time you learnt what its all about.

The Rear Brake

The rear brake is more to do with control than stopping you. Hope you know what control it brings.

The Front Brake

The front brake is the brake for when it comes to slowing down… but what else does it do?

The Throttle

The Throttle Interesting little thing that twisty twiddly bit on the right handle bar.  Everyone get’s that you turn it and the power comes.  But do you know why? Or how? Or more importantly what happens to your wobbly bits,  that’s the bike and yours, when the power comes? It’s just a big air pump […]