Hey, I'm just an idiot that loves bikes and things that go fast. Bloke really. I've had the wonderful ability to explore this for many years now, all over the world and currently I am living on a boat. Definitely harder for the two wheel fun, but then I do have my EUC for a blast.

How it all began

just fell into it actually

What do I know about being smooth, well I have raced at clubman level, around some of the great tracks in the world.  I’ve been through the Police advanced rider training for two different countries and have been riding for around 37 years on four different continents.

I believe competent, fast track riding is 80% craft and 20% heroism.  The Craft, woven on top of other road skills translates into safe, confident and skilful progress through the hazards of our tin top world.

Being a compulsive mentor I have been coaching as an advanced instructor both on road and track for over 20 years in a number of different countries.  I instruct for a very selfish reason, the only way to experience the sheer joy of those firsts on a bike, again, is vicariously through the smile on your dial.


When I learnt, there were no manuals of how to do it. If I was lucky I would have someone help me out. But mostly I learnt by braille.