Bikes, Bikes, Bikes

A passion for fast things, particularly if they involve two wheels.

Get better faster. Period.

In these pages you’ll find a large number of posts that talk about riding skills.  Hopefully in terms and ways that are refreshingly simple.  I’ve taught a huge number of riders over the years and have developed a simple howto approach to teaching that breaks down the skills and also let you yourself, evaluate whether the suggested skills are valid for your riding or not.  Riding is a joy, riding fast and with higher levels of control is simply sublime.

Hope you enjoy the journey.

Cruising or Racing, you can't beat bikes.

I’ve ridden, raced and generally had fun on roads, tracks and offroad literally around the world.

Road riding has been in all forms, Track mostly in clubman standard classes and dirt has been a combination of Motocross, Enduro and Trials.

My verdict, after years of “testing” is that …