Do what you do NOT do well!!!!

If you want to improve as an Enduro rider, or any offroad riding, then you need to practice what you don’t do well as often as possible.

Your goal should be to “own it”. Practice until you have got it under control and then own it, practice it until everyone else is asking you how to do it!!!

I know, it sucks. When we are bad at something on a bike, like log hopping for instance, we tend to look for the easier way, go around etc. Rather than do something that we know we will struggle with.

This is how you create technique holes in your riding. Avoiding the things you struggle with.

The result will be that you will get worse instead of better and it will become a mental block for you.

Instead pick the things you need to improve on and plan to do at least one of them every ride if not two.

I used to hate crossing logs. Log hopping was a recipe for me to be running off my bike. So I planned to cross at least one log each ride. To accomplish this I often had to use a log that was in the carpark on the way out for the ride (and the way back) it became familiar and non-threatening. It also became my party trick, which everyone expected me to do.

But slowly, almost without me realising it, I became better and better at crossing logs, even those that weren’t in the carpark :-).

If you can ride a bike you can do most of the things you need to do well, if you practice, so find a way to thread into your daily ride, the thing you struggle with the most. Start small and work your way up!!!

BUT whatever you do. DON’T avoid it, unless you want to create your nemesis. OWN IT!!!


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